Max Taxis
Accrington's Largest Taxi Company meets Accrington's Best Designers

The Client

Max Taxis is Hyndburns largest independent taxi company, with a fleet of over 300 cars,
even more drivers, and one of the most advanced booking platforms in the North West.

The Project

We were asked by Max Taxis to help promote their new amazing value airport transfers, and improved mobile apps. Max also required updated business cards, receipts and car stickers for their fleet of over 300 cars.

Our aim in the project was to refresh the look of Max communications, to offer a fresher, more modern and easier to understand message, that appealed to a wider market than previously.

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The flyers we designed for Max have been distributed to nearly 30,000 properties across Hyndburn, whilst the business cards and receipts are sat in the cars of their nearly 300 cars. Their vehicle vinyls are slowly being distributed to drivers as requirement arises.