EazyBase Extensions
Creating an exciting, professional and trusted brand for a new breed of Modular home extensions.

The Client

EazyBase is a North West business, covering the whole of the UK, providing modular extensions for home and business. The extensions themselves are built off-site and then transported in several pieces to the customers home, meaning an entire extension that would normally take months, can be completed in less than one week on-site.

The Project

We were asked by EazyBase to create a brand identity that would be suited to their target market, with an accompanying website and promotional booklets.

Our aim was to target the growing market of home owners who don’t want the hassle of moving home, but do need more space. With such a unique, affordable and stress-free product, we got to work!

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The Solution

We designed a clean, contemporary and friendly logo and word-mark that sat well with the intended audience. We built upon this brand identity with bold colours, impressive photography and simple, clean, understandable copy.

We continue to work regularly with EazyBase on their future projects.