White Label Design
We work with a range of agencies, developers, print and sign companies to offer your clients an industry leading design service, without the huge overheads of in-house designers. Our work will always be white-label, of the highest standards and most of all, affordable.

What is White Label Design?

At it’s most basic, white label design allows small to medium businesses to offer the experience, skill and product knowledge of a trained graphic designer, without the substantial overheads involved in having an in-house designer.

Having an in-house designer costs much more than just an extra name on the payroll – there’s a substantial investment in computer hardware (because Apple Mac’s don’t come cheap!), professional design software (£59 + VAT per month, per person), on-going training, stock photography charges, font purchases – it all mounts up quite quickly!

Our white label design service offers you the convenience of only paying for the services you use. If you’re having a quiet month, you’ll only pay for the design time you use, rather than paying a designer to drink coffee while you wait for a job to come in!

What Does it Cost?

For some reason, most agencies answer this question with “how long is a piece of string?”. Not very helpful. We’re up-front with our white label design service costs.

1-10 Billable Hours p/m – £27.50 p/h
11 – 20 Billable Hours p/m – £25.00 p/h
21 – 40 Billable Hours p/m – £22.50 p/h
41 + Billable Hours p/m – £20.00 p/h

The more you use us, the cheaper it gets. The same in any business. Most simple design tasks (a business card design, letterhead design etc) can be put together in under an hour.

Billable hours can sometimes be a bit tricky to price with though – we understand that. If you’d rather have a fixed price project to work with, just send us over the specification of the job and we’ll quote accordingly. The price (excluding revisions) will then be set in stone.

Where’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Nice and simple.

When you need us, we’ll be ready to help. When you don’t, we won’t be chasing you for work or trying to encourage you to bulk buy hours during the quiet months. It’s just not how we work.

If you’d rather not deal with relaying messages to us from your client, we have ways round that too. You can setup an email address for us that we’ll pipe into our system and reply as if we were sat in your office with you. Or you can simply tell your client that we handle your design – we’ll never try and poach a client from you, it’s just not our style.

What about Payment?

We send you an invoice once your client has approved their first draft proof. We ask for payment before we send over high-resolution or layered files. That way, you know we’ve done the work and we know we’re getting paid – it’s fairer all round.

However, because we’d rather be totally up-front with you, we do recommend you take payment up front for design work. If your client doesn’t pay you, unfortunately our invoice will still need settling.